New Zealand’s mandatory climate-related disclosures for businesses: who is affected and what is required?

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25 March 2024
Emma Elbaum
James Balik-Meacher
Ty Philips
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1 minute
  • ESG advisory
  • Carbon & energy management

What is the new legislation for New Zealand?

Beginning in April 2024, New Zealand’s large publicly listed companies, large insurers, banks, and investment managers will be required to produce climate-related disclosures.

The disclosures will require a rapid implementation of climate reporting, in line with international frameworks (IFRS S2), as well as the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Reporting entities will need to disclose GHG emissions, climate governance and their assessment - and management of - climate risk, in their own direct operations as well as their upstream and downstream value chain.

As companies navigate the first year of disclosures, we have produced a factsheet with the key information on who needs to disclose what, and when: download the factsheet.

Mandatory Climate-Related Disclosures (CRD) for Companies in New Zealand displayed on an iPad

How can SLR support you?

We understand that for many companies, aligning climate-related planning with mandatory disclosure requirements can be challenging, both as a direct respondent or as a value chain partner. Our New Zealand-based experts have extensive experience supporting clients through all stages of managing climate-related risks, scenario analysis, transition planning, and data systems. Whether you are experienced in climate reporting or undertaking your footprint for the first time, SLR can support you in upgrading your disclosures and ensuring alignment with mandatory requirements in New Zealand and beyond.

Contact Emma or James for further information.

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