Elk-Antelope Gas Field Land Resource Assessment

Client Name
Elk-Antelope gas field, Papua New Guinea
  • Land quality & remediation
  • Soil science


SLR were engaged to fulfill project management and technical study roles on a large Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment for a study in at the Elk-Antelope Gas Field in Papua New Guinea.

The project is a highly significant gas discovery in the region, drawing upon an international team of experts in a range of technical
study areas.


Our team conducted a baseline earth sciences study to assess the nature of geology, terrain and soils within the project area. The intent of this study was to assess the potential for these aspects to be impacted by project activities.

Specific components included:

  • Localised geological and geomorphological landscape assessment
  • Terrain and landform assessment
  • Soil profile excavation and assessment of soil types and characteristics
  • Soil samples were collected from nominated sites and laboratory analysed for key parameters.