Willow’s Local Park

Client Name
Orchard Property Group
Logan Reserve, Queensland, Australia
  • Landscape architecture


SLR was commissioned by Orchard Property Group to develop and deliver Willow’s Local Park. which is part of the broader Willow’s Logan Reserve Development. The park features more than two hectares of dedicated greenspace including picnic facilities, play spaces, a basketball half court and waterplay.


Located at the heart of the Willow Logan Reserve Estate, Willow’s Local Park provides a multi-generational recreation and play space for all residents. The park focuses on delivering a diversity of interconnected spaces that encourages recreation, fosters wellbeing, and connects residents with the natural environment.

Integrating multiple play opportunities with a diversity of experiences including climbing, swinging, water play, basketball, fitness, picnicking and kickabout spaces. Willow’s provides a place for the whole family to enjoy.

Combining organic materials, level change, tactile experiences, seasonal plantings, and pops of colour with the natural environment into the design outcome, creates a unique setting that evolves throughout the year. Offering a different experience each time you visit the site. The main play space is centred around the nature-based water play area. Which integrates a series of boulder steppers, water pump, talk tubes and seating to creating a space that encourages social interactions and play opportunities. The large kickabout area offers a space where the community can come together, meet and engage whilst also offering a place for community event days.

The key spaces of the park are linked through a central sinuous shaded pathway, where moments of both formal and informal seating opportunities can be enjoyed. Providing an outcome where all people feel welcome and have an opportunity to engage with their community.


Willow’s Local Park provides a place where the community can meet, grow, and thrive together. Providing multiple recreational opportunities that encourage recreation, enable a healthy lifestyle and enhance the interaction between the build and natural environments.