SLR submits comments as part of the consultation on the draft Australian Sustainability Reporting Standard (ASRS)

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07 March 2024
James Balik-Meacher
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  • ESG advisory

Last week the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) closed their consultation on the draft Australian Sustainability Reporting Standard (ASRS). SLR is pleased to have submitted our comments for review.

The standard represents a step-change in Australian climate & sustainability reporting requirements for businesses, aligning with emerging global best practice, and ensuring stakeholders will have the information they need on companies’ exposure to, and management of, climate change.

Whilst SLR is in broad support of the standard, in our consultation response we have urged the AASB to strengthen some requirements. In particular, ensuring companies must assess a high warming climate scenario to ensure a complete view of potential risks, as well as making sure that the emissions reporting requirements align with global standards for Scope 3. These changes will ensure the usability and comparability of the disclosures for all stakeholders, without overly increasing the reporting burden on companies.

To read the comments submitted by our team, read the report document here.

To find out more about the standard, and what it means for your business, please refer to our ASRS factsheet, or the recorded webinar that our ESG Strategic Advisory team ran last year.

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