Blue Mountains Soil and Waste Assessment

Client Name
Blue Mountains Regional Council
New South Wales, Australia
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Soil science


The objectives of the project were to assess over 100,000 tonnes of material for asbestos and other contaminants of potential concern to determine the most efficient course of action to mitigate any risks to the community.


SLR’s Land Quality and Remediation Team were engaged to undertake the assessment of approximately 100,000 tonnes of waste and fill material at several locations throughout the Blue Mountains area. Our team provided advice on the most efficient method to remove the material and mitigate risks to site occupiers and the community. Material was classified for off-site disposal as per relevant legislation and guidelines and all material was removed to a facility licenced to receive the material.

In addition, SLR peer reviewed and provided advice on historical assessments.


A significant volume of material was assessed and classified in a very short time frame. All risks associated with the assessment and transport of the material were mitigated and remedial work undertaken successfully, addressing the objectives of the project.