Chilmington Green

Client Name
Hodson Developments
Ashford, Kent


Vectos has provided transport planning and highway advice on behalf of Hodson Developments for the design associated with a large (5,750 dwelling) residential development. Planning consent was achieved in early 2016.

The scheme involved design of 3no major site accesses into the new development as well as design of the strategic infrastructure roads and sewers required to ensure the internal land parcels could be accessed for development.


Vectos are acting as lead consultant and Principle Designer for the strategic infrastructure works and so had to coordinate Architects, Landscapers and M&E Consultants to ensure the design process was optimised and abortive work was minimised.

Given the nature and scale of the development it was important to deal with strategic drainage and internal design early on in the process, as this is integral to the functionality of the first phases of development as well as future-proofing the site.


Having gained technical approval for all off-site accesses, we are currently working closely with the Local Authority to obtain the same for the strategic infrastructure roads and drainage to enable the works to commence on site as soon as possible.