Highway design advice for Pinewood Studios

Client Name
Pinewood Studios
Slough, UK
  • Transportation engineering


SLR is providing highway design advice to Pinewood Studios as part of the Pinewood Studios Development Framework (PSDF), a £200 million long-term scheme of national significance adding 100,000 sqm of new film production facilities.


Two separate Sc278 schemes involve the design of a new four-arm roundabout to serve as the primary access to the expansion site along with major capacity improvements to the existing five points roundabout in Iver Heath, fully signalising all five approaches and widening approach arms to accommodate up to four lane entries. Shared, off-carriageway cycle routes and Toucan Crossing facilities are also being introduced across both schemes to provide improved connectivity between the existing and expanded sites.


SLR acted as lead consultant to progress the detailed design and assist the client in concluding the Sc278 Legal Agreements.

We supported the preparation of the tender pack and sat as part of the tender review team interviewing prospective contractors. Concurrent with the tender process, we facilitated and managed preliminary site investigation works to help mitigate risks to contract sums.

Due to the political sensitivity of the schemes, which represent major highway improvements to semi-rural locations, we carried out ‘site walks’ with local residents on the client’s behalf, which helped bridge a technical understanding gap.