Yarrabilba masterplanned community

Client Name
Lendlease Residential
Yarrabilba, Queensland, Australia
  • Transportation engineering
  • Mobility & sustainable transport solutions


Our team has worked with Lendlease to plan, assess and design all aspects of the transport network for Yarrabilba since the project’s inception (pre-2012).


Transport and traffic advice has included traffic modelling, road hierarchy planning, active transport (walk and cycle) network planning and facilities, public transport route identification, road speed limit assessment, traffic impact assessment, intersection design and street layout, parking assessment, traffic signals design and traffic reporting (including Movement Infrastructure Master Plan).

Commensurate with the traffic and transport planning, assessment, analysis and advice, our team has facilitated negotiations with the relevant approval agencies including EDQ, Logan City Council (LCC), Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) and Translink (state public transport authority).

The challenges of the project include integration of the internal traffic needs and demands with the external transport network. In the specific location, the external transport network is of a limited standard, therefore the introduction of many facilities and services are crucial to the subject development and the surrounding area.