EMPOWER - Gender-equitable, inclusive transport

Client Name
  • International transport and mobility research


EMPOWER aims to build the capacity of transport professionals in African cities, to deliver gender-equitable, inclusive transport with improved participation, diverse sector workforce as well as safety and personal security for women and girls. It specifically addresses the causes of sexually related harassment and assault on women and girls when they travel.

It will also determine how the voice of disadvantaged groups can be incorporated within transport planning and decision-making processes, as well as how to incorporate universal inclusive design within transport. The study will look at how data collection can still take place considering restrictions in movement, such as during COVID.


The outcome of the study is to design and deliver the EMPOWER Decision-Making Tool. This will be a user-friendly, internet-based resource, building capacity amongst policymakers and transport providers to develop an evidence-based approach to improving safety and personal security within public transport, addressing sexual harassment. The tool and its resources will be transferable to cities across the world which face similar challenges.


The project is led by SLR, with partners from Europe and Africa. The research will be delivered in Malawi, Nigeria and Rwanda and comprises an integrated data collection strategy with innovative survey types, focus groups and behaviour change workshops.

We will engage with transport professionals across Africa as well as NGOs and International Organisations to develop the Decision Making Tool in a way that is transferable to many audiences and make a real impact in tackling harassment on public transport.

EMPOWER is funded by UKAid through the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office under the High Volume Transport Applied Research Programme, managed by IMC Worldwide Ltd.